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Average stop loss per trade?

Posted: 2019-May-01 19:46 by Threepwood

I thought it would be interesting to get a picture of what everyones average stop loss per trade would be? I realize this will be different for everyone, however I think if the vast majority of people here are day traders, it might be helpful to understand a ballpark figure. I generally try and keep my stops fairly tight, never much more than 10 pips wherever possible. If the trade requires more, I either reduce my size or pass on the trade. Any thoughts warmly welcomed.

Posted: 2019-May-03 03:51 by rafferty66

I've been using a 30 pip stop and will often move my stop to break even once i am in profit. This seems to work ok for me but on some occasions a minor retracement puts an early end to what could have been a nice winning trade. It is a hard thing to balance, giving the position room to move while the premise is still correct vs taking out the risk on the position.

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