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What make a great trader?

Posted: 2018-Aug-30 18:22 by Mikan

So what makes a great trader in your opinion?

What characteristics do the top 1 % traders share?

Feel free to continue the list below...

1. They know that trading is what they want to do. We all want to make six-figure profits, but thinking only about the money will wreck any trader. Top traders have a passion for what they do and they don't give up whatever obstacle they may encounter.
2. They know why they want to trade.
3. They have an edge.
4. They develop a profitable method.
5. They suit the method to their personality. We cannot control the market, but we can how we approach trading it. Find out if you are a short-term player looking to get in and out fast or a swing trader holding trades over several days or even weeks.
6. Money Management and Risk Control that suits their personality
7. A clear trading plan
8. Discipline
9. Independence in decision making
10. Confidence

Posted: 2018-Sep-04 01:36 by SIC55

Great question!

I believe great traders are patient. And should remain humble.

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