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The Coinbase Scam

Posted: 2018-Aug-06 19:07 by Raptor

OK, I admit it is a sensational headline, but I'm curious how it really works. Crypto assets look like an interesting investment at these prices, but it is hard to find places to trade. Coinbase appears to be the hot thing at the moment. If I put money into at account, what is the probability I get it all - and more - out again in the future?

Posted: 2018-Aug-08 23:09 by IndianChief

Wish I knew. Online reviews are not inspiring but crypto assets are well discounted from the highs last year.

Maybe we can get the management here to clear trades for the group?

Posted: 2018-Aug-28 17:56 by cardigan

I made a deposit, did trades and withdraw ok. Small $$$. Wish I buy bitcoin earlier. :(

Posted: 2021-Sep-03 15:11 by rarikid

I do big transactions in etherium, bitcoin, ada, doge, and litecoin with coinbase and have no problems.

Posted: 2021-Sep-03 17:22 by Warlord

While I am reluctant to disclose my experience with any firm, I can say that I know several individuals moving real size through the exchange with no problem. Those transactions are clean, obviously. Shadier operators may want to consider shopping for alternatives. My understanding is that regulatory compliance is a high priority at Coinbase.

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