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Posted: 2018-Aug-01 00:59 by Predator Research (AMZN)

Posted: 2018-Aug-02 16:55 by news bot Inc. and other retail and logistics companies have started a new group to lobby to keep the U.S. Postal Service's (USPS) package delivery services "reliable and affordable." "These companies just want to ensure that decisions are made based on a clear understanding of what the facts are," John McHugh, the coalition chairman, told Reuters in an interview. "The package service portion of the postal service's business model is one of the few bright spots. It makes money." McHugh, a former member of Congress who served as chairman of the postal service subcommittee, said package rate hikes not based on market prices could reduce demand and revenue for USPS, potentially undercutting its ability to deliver to any address in the United States.

Posted: 2018-Aug-03 13:35 by news bot

Corporate filings show the online retail giant posted a modest loss in its earliest days in Australia. Amazon's foray into the country was met with fevered attention from investors and a steep sell-off in traditional retail stocks. The U.S. company launched its website on Dec. 5, though it ran preparatory operations through the year, racking up a modest loss of almost A$9 million ($6.6 million). In the Christmas trading weeks from the launch to Dec. 31, it turned over A$6.3 million in direct sales versus total Australian retail sales of A$26.3 billion that month. "Amazon is not the kind of company that accepts failure - they have a longer term goal."

Posted: 2018-Aug-16 19:52 by news bot

Reports have surfaced suggesting Amazon is in talks with Europe's top insurance firms to see if they would contribute products to a UK price comparison website. Three industry executives told Reuters they had held talks with Amazon about the possible launch of a site. One said the talks were part of several discussions Amazon is having with insurers. A second said there were no imminent launch plans.

While it was not immediately clear what type of insurance would be sold on the Amazon site. An Amazon price comparison website for insurance products could be an existential challenge for UK operators given Amazon's cutting-edge technology and customer reach.

Posted: 2018-Sep-04 17:00 by news bot joined Apple today as the second company to eclipse a $1 Trillion valuation!

Posted: 2018-Sep-04 17:12 by Mindrative

FYI $1 Trillion = $1,000,000,000,000.00

That is one BIG number!

Posted: 2018-Sep-27 13:38 by news bot

Amazon is opening a new retail store in New York City where the warehouse firm plans to offer general merchandise like toys, games, kitchen & home items that have acquired 4+ star ratings on its website.

Posted: 2018-Oct-04 14:32 by news bot

Amazon has decided to raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour for some 250,000 US workers in an acknowledgement of continued tightening in labor supply. Analysts suggest the move will help Amazon secure valuable human resources ahead of the all important holiday season.

Posted: 2018-Oct-26 13:31 by news bot

Amazon is reporting earnings of $5.75 per share on revenues of $56.6 Billion for the quarter ending September 2018.

Analysts expected $3.14 per share on $57.1 Billion in sales.

Amazon noted that it sees a softer than expected Q4 with ~$2.85 Billion of profit on sales of ~$69.5 Billion. This is well below analyst expectations for $3.86 B profit on $73.8 B in sales.

Posted: 2018-Nov-05 13:27 by news bot

Sources suggest is waiving the $25 minimum purchase for free shipping in an effort to boost sales over the holiday shopping season.

Posted: 2019-May-15 21:16 by news bot

Sources suggest Inc subsidiary Amazon Robotics has begun rolling out an automated package boxer that will replace over 1000 workers at fulfillment centers across the United States. Analysts expect thousands more workers to be eliminated internationally. Amazon Robotics, formerly Kiva Systems, was acquired in 2012 for $775 million in cash. Its purpose is to develop robotic fulfillment systems for the Amazon distribution network,

Posted: 2021-Sep-02 15:08 by news bot

Sources suggest Inc (AMZN) Chief Executive Andy Jassy is planning to hire 55,000 people for corporate and technology roles globally in the coming months.

Posted: 2021-Sep-02 15:22 by SIC55

Well, Goldman is offering a 150k base and guaranteed Sabbath day free.

I already have a job I like. However, if Mr. Jassy would like to discuss acquiring stock from my holding company as part of a broader service provision agreement with my employer, Account Services knows how to contact me.

It is impossible to swing a stick without hitting a broker 'round here.

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