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Merck (MRK)

Posted: 2018-Aug-01 00:53 by Predator Research

Merck (MRK)

Posted: 2018-Aug-28 17:44 by news bot

PG has received approval from EU antitrust regulators for the 3.4 billion Euro acquisition of Merck’s consumer health unit.

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Posted: 2018-Oct-04 14:52 by news bot

Craig Thompson has resigned from the board of Merck & Co. following a disclosure scandal.

"I have taken feedback from our staff and faculty seriously and intend to lead by example." Dr Thompson said in a statement.

Posted: 2018-Oct-11 13:30 by news bot

Credit Suisse has upgraded price target for Merck & Co to $81 from $71. Upside potential for Keytruda cited.

Posted: 2018-Oct-22 13:01 by news bot

BMO raises price target to $82 from $70 citing long-term growth potential for the Keytruda and Gardasil products.

Posted: 2018-Oct-25 13:23 by news bot

Merck is reporting earnings of $1.19 per share on revenues of $10.79 Billion for the quarter ending September 2018.

Analysts expected $1.16 per share on $10.85 Billion in sales.

The firm also announced an increase in the dividend to $0.55 per share and a $10 Billion stock buyback.

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